Valanka Alemao: Not the right way to a snub a club

The Churchill Brothers CEO pulled no punches, as she decried the way in which her club were axed from the I-League by the Indian FA...
After being dumped out of the I-League due to non-issuance of the required licences for participation by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), Churchill Brothers' CEO Valanka Alemao has ripped into the federation for the callous nature in which the reigning Federation Cup champions' licensing issues were dealt with.

"This is the worst possible thing that has happened to Indian football and when you kill passion, you kill the game," elaborated Valanka to The Herald.

She went on add,"It is very shocking and shattering to see a club, that has contributed so much to Indian football history in the last four decades, just been thrown out."

The Red Machines of Goa have been an impressive force, ever since the inception of the I-League. Having won titles in 2008-09 and 2012-13, they are now currently the Federation Cup champions. They had a decent run of form in the Asian Football Confederation's (AFC) Cup as well, this year.

"I have still not got the official reasons from the AIFF. We just got an email stating that our license has been cancelled and a detailed report will follow soon. I am still waiting for the email from the AIFF," exclaimed Alemao.

On being quizzed about the direction in which she planned to take the fight, she revealed,"I know for fact that there is a right to appeal. So let me receive the detailed report from the governing body. On the same and then I will decide on my future course of action."

"This is not the way you can snub a club which has contributed immensely to Indian football," lamented Valanka.

Finally, asked if she would form an association with the other excluded clubs such as Mohammedan Sporting, United Sports club and Rangdajied United to take the AIFF head on, she exclaimed, "I'm done with associations. So this time around I'm going to fight for my club independently."