East Bengal’s contract negotiations with Colaco appear frozen

The Red and Gold’s management voice their disappointment as the veteran coach shuffles feet on new contract offer, alternatives for the post now being considered

In what can only be described as distressing for most East Bengal fans, it has been revealed that contract negotiations between veteran coach Armando Colaco and the club have ground to a halt, so much so that top officials from the club fell that chances of Colaco retaining the post of manager at the dawn of the new season is less than 10 percent.

Speaking to The Telegraph, general secretary for the Red and Gold, Kalyan Majumdar, explained, “As things stand, chances of Colaco remaining the coach have gone down by 90 per cent. We aren’t being able to finalise a deal, as the coach is yet to give his nod. We are disappointed with how things have turned up.”

A club delegation had visited the coach at his home in Goa to finalize a deal as they were keen on having Colaco continue his good work at the club, having taken over from Marcos Falopa in the early stages of last season. However, the coach still remains taciturn over the new offer.

Expecting the worst is what preparation is all about and revealing East Bengal’s plans, Majumdar revealed, “Yes, we do have some names… But we will not be disclosing them at the moment.”