Oscar Bruzon: I assure Sporting will be better next season

The Spaniard was disappointed that his side lost their final game to Bengaluru FC despite seeing more of the ball…

Oscar Bruzon expressed his displeasure in the manner in which Sporting Clube de Goa lost to Bengaluru FC 2-1 on Monday evening and ended up in fifth spot despite being one of the title contenders midway into the season.

“I’m very disappointed. It was bad finish for us in the second half of the season. We have been very inconsistent. Everybody is praising us with the type of football we played but I am the coach, I also need the results. But I am happy with the way we played,” he said.

“We are missing out on so many players. The same players who were there in the first phase of the season are not there now. I am happy with the attitude but we need consistency. We need to be consistent between the games we play,” he added.

Bruzon mentioned that though they managed to reach their target of making it into the top five,  they could have done better.

“We reached our targets. The target set by the club was to get into the top five and so we achieved that. We were sixth last season and so we have done better this season. I am very happy with what we have done for the whole season but disappointed that I have lost the game.”

He assured Sporting fans that this side will only become better next season as he wishes to strengthen the squad in key areas.

“Sporting were doing good things this season and were excellent. We have a lot of things to improve upon. We need to improve in attack and defensively. We are going to grow. I assure you we are going to be much better next season. As we saw against Bengaluru, the players have improved and our target next season will be to be better than this season.”