Parth Jindal: IMG and Bengaluru FC mutually decided to not participate in ISL

The economic analyst of JSW mentioned that the Indian FA will share revenues with the clubs once the money starts flowing into football…

In the second part of the interview with Parth Jindal, CEO of the I-League champions – Bengaluru FC, highlights the need to follow global practices locally and explains why they chose not to be part of the much talked about Indian Super League (ISL), conceptualized by IMG-Reliance who are the commercial and marketing partners of the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

You have mentioned about sharing of revenues and media rights with the AIFF which has never been the case in Indian football. Given that you get decent crowd for matches, will you be putting pressure on the AIFF and demanding for revenue to be shared?

I think one thing is for sure is that whatever happens in the rest of the world should happen in India. We are not asking for anything extra or anything less. Let’s not reinvent the wheel. Whatever is happening globally, we should follow the same practice here. I think you cannot blame the AIFF because there was no money in football earlier. There were no fans in numbers coming in barring a few games in the season. So, AIFF actually getting TEN (Ten Action) on board was a very big achievement for them.

Now we will have to graduate. I think one day they will be open to sharing the revenues when the revenue starts coming in.

There isn’t much unity amongst the I-League clubs. Earlier they took a stand of not taking any players from the ISL but they gave in. In your opinion, isn’t there a need for the clubs to come together and have a consensus to take a stand on certain matters?

Each club has their own problems. Some clubs have financial problems, some have obligations to make. It’s very difficult for all the clubs to agree on something but that will always be the endeavour. We will always hope that all the clubs come together and take the decision for the common good. At the end of the day we are all in it to help Indian football and we will always try to build that consensus.

So have you overcome the challenges in the process of building a consensus?

Have we overcome that? No, we haven’t. We would like to one day reach there. We built a road map on how we are going to do it and we want to execute that.

Let’s talk about the ISL.

No, we were evaluating the ISL but we did not (bid). You know IMG (IMG-Reliance) and BFC (Bengaluru FC) mutually decided to not to be a part of it.

Any reason for coming to that conclusion of not bidding for the ISL franchisee of Bangalore?

No, just evaluating the numbers and you know the overall concept, we felt that it would be very difficult for us to spend that kind of money twice.