Oscar Bruzon: There will be changes at Sporting next season

The Spaniard has mentioned that the club will look to rebuild next season with a mix of experienced and young players…

Oscar Bruzon stated that Sporting Clube de Goa will make several changes to their squad in the summer as they seek ‘more ambitious goals’ in the 2014-15 season.

“From the last season, we have seen a lot of continuity here.  I can tell you that in the next season, there is going to be quite a big number of modification in terms of players.

We will use young players and with foreigners. We will keep some of them and we will also bring some of them. And yes, there is going to be a big change in Sporting next season,” he said.

The Flaming Oranje are placed fourth on the table and have to play their final match against Bengaluru FC. Bruzon is pleased to have silenced critics who doubled their ability of making it into the top five.

“They were telling Sporting doesn’t have the team for a top five finish. I knew that these players have potential. I know that in the long term we are going to set more ambitious goals, but we need to go step-by-step, and we are working very well.

“From the academy a lot of young players are playing. I always tell, last season we were sixth, this season it’s the top 5. Next season if god wants the things to go well, we will target more ambitious goals. This team is improving continuously. We want also to want translate that into objectives and results.”

Bruzon mentioned that picking players from Goa has always been the first priority for Sporting Clube de Goa and will continue to be so.

“We are going to have a mix of experienced and young players. I want to bring experienced foreigners and a lot of young blood from from Goa. We are committed not only to Indian players but Goans first. We would prefer a Goan player. We are very committed to the grass root and are working well in the academy.

“Some youngsters in our academy are playing at the maximum level. I don’t want to give exact information but we are going to bring in youngsters.”

He added that the youngsters would be drafted into the first eleven and they aim to have a bigger squad than the current season.

“The big difference is going to be that we are going to have a team of 20 players and we want them to be very competitive. This season we have 16-or-18 players (playing competitively). Next season we want to have 20 at the maximum level. I prefer not to tell the position, because it will be unfair to the players.”

Velito Cruz has been impressive for Sporting Clube de Goa and Bruzon heaped praise on the 23-year old midfielder by stating that national coach Wim Koevermans has enquired about him.

“I can tell you that Wim (Koevermans), when he came in the end of that game (against Salgaocar FC) he really congratulated us. He told that it was an exceptional game for Sporting who were trying to hold the ball. He congratulated us said not to worry (after the draw). He asked about Velito. Once again a young player is coming into the team and the national coach is asking for him. This is a good sign for Sporting.”