Ananta Ghosh: Our players gave their best despite not being remunerated

The coach of the Kolkata outfit raised doubts whether they will be able to field a side next season due to their financial concerns…

United Sports Club beat the odds and registered a 2-0 victory over Churchill Brothers in Goa to ease off the relegation fears.

Coach Ananta Ghosh expressed his pleasure as the club won their first game in 14 matches in the top flight.

“Anyhow we have survived. Both teams (Churchill and us) have been struggling and now we have one last match against East Bengal,” he mentioned.

He praised Churchill Brothers for dominating possession and acknowledged that it was Abdelhamid Shabana’s red card which turned the tide of the game in United SC’s favour.

“Actually they had a lot more chances and were good. Up to the last minute they fought. They played well. Our boys were a little failure and we should have been more active. We didn’t play how we wanted to.

“Shabana’s red card was the turning point. Our players became more active because the opposition was down to ten. Shabana is a good player in the I-League. He is a very good player which we saw in the last match against East Bengal and also against Mumbai FC. Today his red card turned the game.”

The financial troubles of United SC is well documented. Ghosh stated that whether they will survive to put together a team next season remains up in the air.

“Our club is very much in trouble. I don’t know next year there will be a team or not. The team are suffering a lot financially. Ranti Martins left, Vineeth left and joined Bengaluru. Our coach (Eelco Schattorie) also left. Anyhow we have survived. Let us see and we will hope for the best.

“We have to congratulate our players who played without money and they gave their 200 %. Every match, especially in the last 3-to-4 matches they played very good football.”

Ghosh had no answer to what the club intends to do next season and whether they will be able to hold on to their star players.

“I don’t know. It depends upon the sponsors and we have to talk to out secretary and director. I have to talk to two or three financiers. Our old sponsors (Prayag Group) have gone and are in a financial scam. We hope next year the team will perform well.”