Douhou Pierre: My form has been better than in the previous seasons

The midfielder shared his thoughts on his preferred position and his chances to win the Fans Player of the Year award…

The Football Players Association of India’s (FPAI) Indian Football Awards will be held in Kolkata later this month and the nominations for the Fans Player of the Year award have been announced.

Amongst the selected eight, Pune FC’s Douhou Pierre is pleased that his contribution was recognized but doesn’t believe he has a chance to win the coveted award.

“Let’s see, I think I may finish second. But after so many years, for the first time they selected me. I am so happy as after so many years you get recognized. It means you have quality. In India there are so many good players like Sunil Chhetri. So I cannot say (to vote for me) but you give your best and be positive,” he said.

The 26-year old, who had won Pune FC Players’ Player Award for the last two seasons, stated that he prefers to play in the number ten role.

“Sometimes I play behind the striker but the coach (Mike Snoei) says it’s difficult for me to receive the ball in midfield because there is less quality. So he just wants me to draw back to play like two midfielders (4-2-3-1).

“So I play with one more midfielder to make it easy for me to take the ball from the defender, to build up attack. My real position is behind the striker but now in the team we don’t have much quality in midfield so I play here. I’m feeling good there because I get more balls to distribute.”

Douhou hasn’t yet scored a goal in the I-League this season but is pleased with his form.

“I’m feeling good, because for so many years I played in India I think this year was much better than the previous years. Better than before and I’m not that tired also.”

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