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The Indian gaffer of the Kolkata outfit believes that his side are at the receiving end of some contentious decisions lately…

Mohammedan Sporting are reeling at second from bottom spot in the I-League standings and coach Sanjoy Sen stated that there “are outside powers at play.”

Following the 2-1 victory over Rangdajied United, Sen admitted can afford to breathe easily as they snapped three crucial points in their fight to avoid the drop.

“Now our condition is like a patient put on ventilation when there is a sudden hope,” he said.

“Referring blunders can be very costly. I am not saying it was a genuine penalty but retaliation like when Ranti (Martins) kicked out at Luciano Sobrosa should have been a red card but it was not given. Even you media people don't want us to do well as you spread rumours of my rift with Syed Nabi which is not true.

“I think there are outside powers at play here. We are being deprived day and again. The last goal against East Bengal was a clear offside (scored by Chidi Edeh) but somehow it was given.”

Sen pointed that Martins should be been sent-off for his actions but the linesman chose not to point it to the referee.

“Ranti had almost gone mad at the end of the match. He had gone all kicking out at random players, especially against Luis Baretto. I was startled that the linesman did not take any action.”