Armando Colaco: If God wants, I will win the I-League

The East Bengal coach expressed his happiness as his club ensured that they remained in the title race with yet another victory...

East Bengal managed to register consecutive victories for the first time this season as they cruised to a 3-1 victory against relegation threatened Mohammedan Sporting.

Armando Colaco, the East Bengal coach was appreciative of the hard work put in by his team. He said, “The guys are working hard, appreciate the hard work, in spite of the injuries and tiredness. I am happy. The sad part is Saran and Chidi Edeh, I don’t know if they will be able to continue, Chidi has a shoulder injury and Saran has an ankle injury. It is very difficult. The way things are, they are very uncomfortable, one cannot walk and the other is crying. It is serious. Shoulder injuries are always serious. “

On the strategy employed by his team, he said “If the team wins, coach is a good coach, if the team loses , the coach is a bad coach. That is why I see so many of them shouting from top, why aren’t you substituting? They need more time, supporters should understand that. If this is the case it’s not easy for the players to perform, it is going to be very very difficult. But I am happy.”

The East Bengal coach seemed to have made changed the way his midfield was set up at the interval. Explaining his strategy, he said, “It was not working; our confidence levels are not there, because we are not physically fit. If they go up they can’t come down. Whatever they have they have been trying. Then when I said at the interval, just keep the ball and play no matter what happens, now you worked so hard you shouldn’t give it away. Chidi even told me don’t worry coach, don’t remove me even if I’m injured. “

Striker Chidi Edeh appeared to have been in an offside position for his goal, but Colaco felt otherwise.

“Bruno Coutinho used to take the advantage, he used to walk back and not interfere in the game. In the game Chidi made good use of that situation. He didn’t interfere with the game.”

When questioned on his team’s chances of winning the title, he said, “They are coming closer, still a long way to go. Anything can happen. Pune are dropping points, Salgaocar dropped five points in their own territory. Salgaocar have to play two goan clubs, against Churchill and Sporting.

East Bengal face Churchill Brothers later on this season. Colaco expressed his sympathy for them as Mariano Dias’ side have struggled to perform in the I-League due to their presence in the AFC Cup.

“See that team is also going through a disastrous injury problems, then the AFC cup. I don’t think any coach better than me of the trouble in playing in the AFC cup and then coming and playing here. It’s horrible. For six years I have seen it. For five years with Dempo , one year with Churchill. I really pity them.”