Khalid Jamil: Yakubu's goal is the best this season

The Mumbai FC gaffer praised his Ghanaian striker but mentioned that Sueoka's freshness proved to be the difference...

Mumbai FC played out their twelfth draw of the season when Ashutosh Mehta’s 87th minute goal helped them draw level in a 2-2 draw with East Bengal in Kolkata on Wednesday.

Khalid Jamil, the coach of the side stressed that his team was in desperate need of a win, but a draw was not a bad result against East Bengal.

"We desperately wanted to win this tie. But a draw also is not that bad. When (Yusif) Yakubu scored that goal, we thought it was our day. But then we conceded two back-to-back goals," he said.

Yakubu unleashed a 50-yard strike after seeing Abhijit Mondal come off his line and Jamil was all praise for the Ghanaian veteran.

"Only Yakubu can score a goal like that. He has the vision, the accuracy. This is undoubtedly the goal of the season. I have never seen someone scoring a goal like that in Indian football. It was very hard to beat an experienced goalkeeper like Abhijit," he remarked.

After going 1-0 up, Mumbai conceded two goals in three minutes after Ryuji Sueoka came on as a substitute in the second half.

"Suoeka was fresh and performed very well. I had told my boys after seeing the line-ups that they will use him in the second half," he mentioned.

Mumbai now have 21 points from 20 games and are still stuck in the relegation fight. When quizzed about his team's chances of avoiding the drop, the coach stated that only the Almighty can answer that question.

"I don't know whether we will be able to save relegation. Only Allah (Lord) knows that," he said.

On being asked whether East Bengal could go to win the league this season, Jamil refused to give his opinion.

"I will not comment on that,” he replied.

Yakubu mentioned that he has scored such wonder goals in the past but this was the first time he did it in India.

"I have scored similar goals in Egypt before coming here. But in India, this is the first time I am scoring such a goal. I dedicate this goal to all my Bengali friends," said Yakubu.