Dempo likely to bid for ISL’s Goa franchise – report

The vice-president of the Indian FA expressed an interest in the new league conceptualized by IMG-Reliance…

Shrinivas Dempo, chairman of Dempo Group has once again reiterated his fascination with IMG-Reliance’s Indian Super League (ISL) who have issued a tender inviting for bids from nine cities namely Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati.

“As I said in the past, if at all we look at the Indian Super League, it will be as a commercial opportunity. We are yet to get the bid document but at some stage I intend to get the bid document. We will see how it goes once we have the bid document in hand,” Dempo told The Times of India.

With a base price of Rs.120 crore for ten years, Dempo believes that the amount should have varied as per every city.

“I am told that the bid amount for all the centres is the same. I am a little bit concerned with the market absorbability of Goa. That's something we need to have a closer look at,” he mentioned.

Dempo categorically stated that his interest in the ISL would have no bearings on the future investment in the I-League where his club has won five titles in the last decade.

“I think these are two separate things. We are very focused and determined that we will sustain the I-League club. That's the core of Indian football. I believe there are some concerns that ISL will take over the I-League.

"We need to make the I-League stronger and at whatever forum I am, I will make the right noises. If at all any of my group companies decide to bid for the (ISL) franchise, it will be a separate entity. There may, however, be common synergies which can help each other," he said.


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