Mike Snoei: 'Khalid Jamil and his actors should go to Bollywood'

Pune FC Coach Mike Snoei was livid at the way Mumbai FC and manager Khalid Jamil conducted themselves in an ill-tempered 0-0 draw with his side...
Pune FC drew 0-0 with Mumbai FC in an I-League Round 19 encounter at the Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex in Balewadi, Pune on Saturday. The second 'Maha-Derby' of the season was marred by numerous time-wasting and other subversive tactics employed by Mumbai in the encounter.

Mumbai FC coach Khalid Jamil, allegedly instructed his players to stay on the ground much to the ire of his coaching counterpart Mike Snoei, who felt that sort of behavior is extremely damaging to Indian Football. He hit out at Jamil and his team as a whole, including the Mumbai FC assistant coach who is accused of making personal statements which were not in the spirit of football.

When asked if he was disappointed, Snoei said the destructive football irked him even more and he would leave India if this continued.

“This is a disgrace to football and I see it so many times. I work my socks off with a fantastic group of people at this club. We have five players around 18 years old, we try to adapt and we try to improve Indian football and if I see this, this anti-football of a starting coach who is on the big course of India then what is his contribution to Indian football," he expressed.

"And I don’t speak about tactics. Okay, we are the play-making team, they are the counter-attacking team. Okay, no problem. But if coaches like Khalid tell players to lie on the ground, and I see it a few times and I hear it from other colleagues also, this is a disgrace to Indian football. This is my first year and will be my final year in India if colleagues think they can improve football in this way," he declared.

"I have big guys on my bench, even Indian internationals. We try to improve football. Not everyone has to attack. I don’t care about the tactics from other teams but when coaches are so destructive, and they are on course in India to become a better coach, I think you cannot become a coach," Snoei added.

"You cannot tell players to lie on the ground. I see it every time with Khalid. And if you hear from the number 2 from Kazakhstan (Mumbai FC assistant coach) what he is saying to me, I almost jumped onto the pitch," he claimed.

"If you say things about my family, this is very bad behavior. He must do this in Kazakhstan or wherever he comes from. I don’t accept that. If this is the football in India then this is my final year," the Pune FC coach said.

He finally addressed the question of his disappointment saying, "of course I’m very disappointed because we deserved a fantastic win but this can happen in football. We could have taken a lead in the table."

He said that despite the way the match had culminated, he was happy with the efforts of his players and reserved special praise for colleagues Mariano Dias and Derrick Pereira. He also said the referee needed to stamp his authority on the game.

"But I was happy with the Man of the Match, Fanai Lalrempuia, a 17-18 year old. I’m happy with Amrinder Singh, Ranjan Singh, Dhanpal Ganeshan, all boys from around 20 (years of age). But sometimes I ask myself what I'm doing here."

"A referee who protects a team like Mumbai. How can you give only four minutes? You must give a signal to football and give ten minutes. There were substitutions that took four minutes. Then I saw the stretcher on the field three times. I can count. Four mins for substitutions already given. I cannot believe this is the level at the moment."

"We try to improve with coaches, we have fantastic coaches in India with Mariano Dias from Churchill Brothers, fantastic colleague, Derrick Pereira (Salgaocar) who works his socks off, but if I see this level with this coach... unbelievable. And I see some coaches that don’t improve Indian football. And they don’t like me when I say this but I don’t care."

"Three days ago, (there was) an international match for us, but I didn’t see it (affect us), I only saw players on the ground with cramps from the opponent. How can they have cramps? They were a week off. All these actors, they must go to Bollywood, and Khalid must be the director. Now give me the other guys - Mariano and Derrick Pereira - fantastic colleagues," he concluded.