Khalid Jamil: Fans in Bangalore were not biased before

The Mumbai FC manager got some stick from the home fans during the 1-1 draw against Bengaluru…

Bengaluru FC managed to comeback after going a goal down against Mumbai FC to earn a point in an I-League encounter at the Bangalore Football Stadium last Sunday.

Khalid Jamil was satisfied that his side got a point from the tie though they had hoped to secure three points.

“It was a good match. If we got three points, it would have been good. I’m not very happy with a point. But it’s okay. Even a point is fine,” he said.

Jamil and Ashley Westwood, Bengaluru coach, were involved in a fracas on the touchline and the assembled crowd allegedly uttered offensive chants directed at the Mumbai FC coach.

On being asked as to what he thought of the fans at the stadium, Jamil said, “It happens. You saw what happened. If I tell it won’t be nice. The game is over and so there is nothing else to talk. 

“When I used to come here before I used to feel nice. They used to support good football. They were not biased before. Like this player is kaala or gora (black or white). There have been changes.”

The visitors appealed for a penalty in the injury time when Curtis Osano was alleged to have handled the ball inside the area.

“Yes, last season as well we were unlucky. Maybe the referee’s position was not fine. It was not the referee’s mistake though. If we got the penalty, it would have been nice,” he mentioned.

Jamil is usually charged up during the match as he looks to motivate his players from the touchline.

“It happens. It is a habit of mine,” he acknowledged.

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