Deadline to submit documents for club licensing announced

The clubs have to submit their files on the said dates and there is no room for delays this time around…

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) have informed the clubs to present their files pertaining on club licensing criterion by 12th March, 2014. Thereafter the clubs will have to submit the first of the three financial documents on April 8th while the dates of other two submissions will be announced by the second week of March.

The Indian FA are keen to close the entire process pertaining to the issuing of club license by the end of May so that the players only sign for the teams who have fulfilled the norms and would thereby participate in next season’s I-League.

“The clubs have to send their documents by 12th March and the financial criterion after the financial year ends on 31st March. The entire process of reviewing, appeals and granting of license will be done before the transfer window starts. Only those clubs who get the license will play in the I-League from next season,” informed Sunando Dhar, I-League’s CEO.

Clubs will have to submit the documents in a two-fold process – manual and online.

Every club has a chance to appeal the decision taken by the AIFF and except for Pune FC, Bengaluru FC, the club which shall get promoted into the league and the team who shall get a direct entry via the bidding process will avail – none of the teams have a chance to seek an exemption should they not fulfill the club licensing norms.

Pune FC were the only club to have successfully fulfilled the club licensing criteria last season.