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Eelco Schattorie: Mohun Bagan deserved to win

Eelco Schattorie: We don’t have players who can open up the defense

Eelco Schattorie: Mohun Bagan deserved to win

Sandip Saha

The Dutch coach highlighted that several teams have strengthened themselves in the league by adding players from IMG-Reliance…

United SC were handed a thrashing by Mohun Bagan 4-0 at the Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata on Friday evening.

Coach Eelco Schattorie admitted that his plan for the game wasn’t executed and that the opposition fully deserved the win.

“A lot of things went wrong. I will keep it very short. A lot of things are inside me that I won’t reveal. I had a talk with the club and only slowly that things change. You need to have the tools and motivation to keep control of the club, to go on. There is a possibility to lose. If you see the first half, the motivation was not enough. The first goal, our goalkeeper (Ishan Debnath) was very short, and it would have never been a goal. Overall Mohun Bagan deserved to win.”

United SC does keep possession better than most in the league though Schattorie mentioned the ploy isn’t working as teams have understood their strategy.

“Anupam (Sarkar) always had difficulty with Odafa Okolie. You can build something but breaking something is very easy. We don’t have players who can open up the midfield. Teams adapt to our tactics and drop.

“How long can you hold on like this? Hasan (Al Moustafa) came because of a necessity. Vineeth is doing his best but there is no power forward. Sometimes you need an impulse. You cannot fit the puzzle as you should. You cannot hold on like that.”

United SC’s financial issues are well documented and Schattorie hinted towards the same and said, “You cannot keep on playing on spirit. This is the toughest condition I worked in my life.” 

With Mohammedan Sporting, Rangdajied United and Mumbai FC adding players from IMG-Reliance’s bandwagon, while United SC haven’t added to their squad.

“Almost all clubs got these new players from Reliance…the likes of Rangdajied, Mohammedan and Mumbai. What can I say out this? Due to whatever reasons we cannot avail this.”

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