Marcos Falopa: East Bengal supporters must be patient

The 64-year-old believes that his side still has room for improvement and that the players must play according to his plan...

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East Bengal saved themselves from a second consecutive defeat after they held Sporting Clube de Goa to a 1-1 draw in the ninth round of the I-League in Goa, on Tuesday.

The coach of the Red and Gold, Marcos Falopa stated that it was hard for his side to come back from a defeat and considered the draw as a good result.

"This match was very hard for us because we come from a defeat at Kalyani which is not our home ground. We were playing our home match, but not playing really on our home ground (Salt Lake stadium).

"A draw with this team (Sporting) is a good result. Their (Sporting's) players are doing quite well and scored on counter-attack. In the beginning our team (East Bengal) also controlled well, but we needed more work.

"It's a good result for both the teams. We drew and it is not easy to win or draw (against Sporting) over here (in Goa). Your team (Sporting) plays very compact and moves well on the field with good crosses and passes. Our team tried, but really according to me, we still needed some more [work]."

James Moga was ruled off-side on numerous occasions in the match, but Falopa restrained from criticizing the South Sudanese striker.

"It was like a Guinness record," he joked. "He (Moga) has to be careful, because it is important for his technical development. I don't think he had any intention to be off-side. I don't complain about the referee, but I feel that we could have played for a better result."

The Brazilian also had his say in reply to various reports in the media which suggest that East Bengal fans are not pleased with the team’s performance under him.

"What I want to tell them (fans) is that some players change inside the field by the sight of the game. It's difficult. When they play with the ball the way I like to play, it's much better. You saw in the beginning of the first half - my way," he continued.

"This is our fifth game. It's a long road to go. The supporters have to be patient. We cannot win every match. Our team is coming from the AFC Cup [which was] very stressful - we were traveling for eight hours. Even when we go to Kalyani to play, it takes three hours to travel. So it is very difficult."

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