Mike Snoei: We don't have so many players like Churchill Brothers or Mohun Bagan

The outspoken Dutchman lamented injuries to his key players in his first defeat this season as the manager of Pune FC...

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Pune FC had only one shot on target against Sporting Clube de Goa as the Red Lizards went down by a scoreline of 2-0 in a round eight I-League clash on Saturday.

Goals from Victorino Fernandes (54') and Pratesh Shirodkar (90+4') allowed the Goan side to end Pune FC's unbeaten run of five matches this season and record a creditable win.

Mike Snoei, the coach of the Pune-based team, acknowledged that his side needed to create more chances while he also revealed that he expected the match to be difficult without his key players.

"Not good enough," he said. "To win the game you need more chances. We had a big one (chance) for the equaliser (when Mustapha Riga's shot was blocked by Sporting defender Mathew Gonsalves in the 90th minute with Pune FC trailing by one goal at the time), but it didn't go in."

He added: "We knew from the beginning that it's going to be difficult. We are not such a big group and we left [out] some players. Especially when my foreigner, Calum Angus had to leave the game (after he pulled a muscle), we know that you have some problems at the back. James Meyer is already at home - one of our best central players.

"We know that it's going to be tough and just before the game, Nikhil Kadam - one of the best players [for Pune FC] in the first few games of the I-League - also cannot play, then we have a problem.

"We don't have so many players like Churchill Brothers or Mohun Bagan. We have a group of 20-to-22 players and definitely we would have faced some problems and you saw it."

Pune FC goalkeeper Amrinder Singh was booked by A. Rowan for time wasting. However, Snoei feels that the referee should not have allowed the six minutes of injury time in the second half.

"Then why did he give six more minutes? How many times the stretcher went in," he exclaimed. "I think between 11 or 12 times, the stretcher was in. If you speak about our goalkeeper then you must also look at all these 'terrible' injuries [where] they jump out of the stretcher and they go straight in. You have to look in two ways.

"I don't care. This is football. He punished our goalkeeper, but he forgot to punish four or five players from the opponents. It may not make a difference in the game, but the coach (I) was irritated because they had six minutes. In the end, one guy was lying in the corner; one guy was lying on the back-line."

Pune FC travel back to Pune to host Bengaluru FC in round nine of the I-League on Wednesday.

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