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Falopa doesn’t consider the Kalyani stadium as East Bengal's home ground

Marcos Falopa: Maybe the I-League dream is over for you but not for me

Falopa doesn’t consider the Kalyani stadium as East Bengal's home ground

The Brazilian acknowledged that the early goals hurt his side against Salgaocar FC which saw them suffer their second loss in the campaign…

East Bengal went down 3-2 to Salgaocar FC on Saturday and while the score-line would suggest that it was a close encounter, it was anything but that.

Marcos Falopa, the East Bengal coach, has been under pressure to deliver good results, given that his predecessor was a favourite of the fans and players alike as the Red and Gold outfit performed admirably well under him, though having missed out on the league title on three occasions.

"When I worked in other countries, sometimes they also wanted me to replace some other coach. I respect the other coach (Morgan) and the club is free to choose to free who should be the coach. If the other coach has good contact with the press or drinks with somebody from the press, you should be asking them to put him. I will now work with East Bengal and I am very happy with the management,” he responded with resulted in an altercation with a scribe. To add to the drama, fans were seen chanting, “Go back Falopa, Bring back Morgan."   

Falopa had expressed his displeasure of having to play the Kalyani Stadium and pointed to logistical issues which are affecting his side.

"I’m not satisfied with the result. We had to play out of home. We have to play in Salt Lake. I don't know whether the club or the federation has to see this. I have never seen this. Football sometimes can be very difficult. There were some problems in organizing it in Salt Lake,” he observed.

"You don't know how the heck the players come here. It's an exercise for them. It's stretching of their back and I have seen people falling sick. Bongy bongy bongy bongy the bus came. This is not an excuse at all. I have come to club to coach, not to manage things. So, what I want to say is that we are a good team and we played well in the AFC Cup. The journey is of three hours, it's out of home. Some players also complained of the same to me,” he lamented about the three hour bus ride from the city of Kolkata to the stadium.   

He clarified that the Kalyani Stadium is a good field to play on but he doesn’t consider it as their home stadium.

"It (Kalyani) has good people, good ambience and a good ground, but it's not our ground. You don't have Goa teams playing their home matches in Mumbai. Your home is different, as you have the supporters and the psychological advantage there. The federation has to look why we have to face Mohun Bagan in Salt Lake. Why? It's very difficult for us to play here (Kalyani),” said the former coach of Myanmar.

He mentioned that conceding two goals in the first ten minutes was precisely why they failed to snap anything out of the tie.

“We did two mistakes in defense and they (Salgaocar) scored the goals. At the same time, the young players played good in the second half. We made a few changes then. Nobody is happy today, and I feel so sorry for the supporters. But, we have to work on the team. Also, three-to-four of the first team players didn't play in the game. We have many defenders, sometimes they make mistakes. This is what happened.

"We can improve much better. Maybe the I-League dream is over for you but not for me. Every player is important. You saw Len (Seimenlen Doungel) today. He was very good as well. The two early goals killed us. Mistakes happen sometimes and you have to be patient.”

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