Bola Masood: There is no justification for Boima Karpeh to use his fist

The 45-year-old feels that the Sporting Clube de Goa striker shouldn't have behaved the way he did on Sunday...

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Mohammedan Sporting are back in form having garnered seven points from a possible nine in their last three fixtures following three straight defeats at the start of their I-League campaign.

The Black and Whites had lost to Pune FC, Salgaocar FC and Bengaluru FC before registering their first win against Rangdajied United. They earned a point against United Sports Club and took another three points from their win over Sporting Clube de Goa on Sunday.

Bola Masood, the coach of the Kolkata outfit, stated that the initial slack run of form was due to injuries sustained to his key players after winning the Durand Cup title.

"After we (Mohammedan) came back from the Durand Cup, we had a lot of injuries. By the time we started [playing in] the I-League, our key players were not available. There was a big hole in the team. So that's the reason why we lost three games in a row, but as time goes on we started picking up. The injured players start coming back. So we started having a good momentum," he explained.

The match against Sporting Goa saw the Goan team's striker Boima Karpeh lose his calm and furiously push Mohammedan defender Collin Abranches which left referee Santhosh Kumar with no other option than to send off Karpeh.

"He (Karpeh) shouldn't have reacted like this. It is very sad that a player of this magnitude behaves the way he behaved. It's not good. This is not the way a sports man should behave. No matter whatever the situation, you cannot use your fist. It is in the rules [that] you can't use your fist against other players, whoever you are. He's a young man but I don't isn’t suppose to be done."

Masood didn’t buy the argument that Karpeh was provoked by Mohammedan players by racially abusing him throughout the game, as alleged by opposition coach Oscar Bruzon.

"Then why do we have the referee! The referee is a judge. Then we shouldn't have a referee. If there is a provocation then I have to use my fist? No, no, no. There is no justification what so ever,” he replied.

Reflecting on the 3-1 win over Sporting Goa, Masood claimed that Mohammedan didn’t play at their best given that his players didn’t have enough time for recovery following a game against United Sports Club on Thursday.

"We had our better days," he said. "The game [that] we played before this was very heavy. The players are still recovering. We just had a game against United Sports [Club], so it was quite a heavy load on the players. We play better than these games. It will take a while for the players to recover. So that's the reason why the game was slow today. Not the best of games we've played so far."

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