Calum Angus: We don't care to look at the table for now

The Pune FC edifices let their opinion be known after an important win over Rangdajied...

Calum Angus and Douhou Pierre played a vital part in Pune FC’s victory over Rangdajied United. It was this duo who, besides forming an integral part of the foreign legion of the Red Lizards, combined well to score the only goal of the match and bag all three points for the home team.

Angus and Pierre were grateful that their side got the victory and in turn the parts played by them, but insisted it’s still a long season ahead.

“Yes, its good technique but it’s also a lot of luck as well to be honest. We had planned our corners perfectly. One of those things is that we do our corners regularly. When it works out, it’s great. Something worked out this time, we had a good ball in. I thought I’d try to hit it low and hard, and I was lucky enough for it to land up in the bottom corner,” explained Angus, whose brilliant technique coupled with a subtly placed strike saw the ball setup by the Ivorian land up in the back of the net.  

Douhou, when asked how he pre-planned to play the opposition given the strength of his performance, exuded, “We went in with a plan. I tried to play my best. I didn’t feel we were at our best today. We did well in the first half and scored the goal. I felt we could have done better in the second half.”

Angus said that he doesn’t care about the position of his team so far, but would only take note as the season progressed. “It feels great to be on top and establish a gap between us and the other teams. But to be honest, it’s not so much as where we are now compared to where we’d like to finish. We’ve had this conversation before. It’s a long season. Lots of different and difficult games combined with lots of injury possibilities as well.

“So we don’t care to look at the table so much as of now. Maybe after ten games you take a look and you see where you stand and give yourself a better idea of what you can achieve further on. Obviously now it’s far too early in the season. So we don’t let that bother us to be honest.”

Angus acknowledged that the team wasn’t at their best, just as their coach Mike Snoei did, and highlighted the importance of maintaining yet another clean sheet – their fourth in five games.

“It’s important to keep a clean sheet but we weren’t great. It’s very important. We (our defenders) spoke about being aggressive in the second half, but as the half progressed we kept going further and further backwards. On another day maybe against a better team, they could have gotten a goal back. So there are things to work on. Obviously it’s good to keep a clean sheet, but a lot of improvements are necessary nonetheless,” he explained on the vitality of his side’s win, especially when they didn’t produce their top performance.

Pierre emphasized the importance of Pune FC’s young players such as Nikhil Kadam, Thongkhosiem Haokip and Fanai Lalrempuia, as he enjoys playing every moment with them. “Youth are always good for the future of Indian football. We have some great quality in our young players, compared to other I-League teams and it’s good to play with them.”

The Pune FC duo thanked the fans for coming to the stadium for cheering them on and hoped they would continue to do so in the future in greater numbers.

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