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The Churchill CEO has condemned several aspects of the Indian Super League in an open letter to the AIFF president and also sent a copy to FIFA president Sepp Blatter...

CEO of Churchill Brothers SC, Valanka Alemao has written a letter to the President of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), Praful Patel in which she condemned the Indian Super League (ISL) and urged the head of the governing body to uphold the laws in place in a bid to protect Indian Football.

Valanka pointed out that the I-League is already evidence of professional football in the country saying, "The presently held l-League is an example of existence of professional football in India and this has been achieved after much hardship, struggle and combined efforts of talented players, the clubs they are associated with and the AIFF."

"The talented players of India, after much struggle, have finally got a platform and started getting some recognition in the country," she added.

Almemao went on to suggest, "AIFF has now at this juncture started promoting a purported new league “INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE” whereas, the AIFF should have been providing help to the football clubs by making provisions for conducting matches in other states so that the game can be made more popular to all the parts of the country alongwith discovery of new talent and giving opportunity to capable aspirants by providing them with a platform to show off their talent and pursue their dreams."

Valanka also attacked the legality of the ISL claiming, "Such purported league, i.e. Indian Super League has no legal sanctity to it as the proposed league is ín violation of binding FIFA/ AFC principles, norms and regulations and AIFF has grossly failed to perform its obligations and is in violation of the set norms thereunder."

She opines that the “illegal ISL” will lead to I-League’s stature being “downgraded” and is in fact “prejudicial to the interests of players and the clubs in existence on date.”

Valanka also condemned the proposed auctioning of players in the ISL. "As per the FIFA regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, there is no system of “auctioning”. FIFA only recognizes “engaging” and “releasing” players. The proposed Indian Super League contemplates acquiring players, already associated with clubs," she argued.

Cricket’s Indian Premier League (IPL) has been marred by allegations of betting and match fixing and Valanka believes that the same predicament awaits football should the ISL take shape. “Such purported league will only add to betting, fixing and unlawful activities in this game, which appears to serve only vested interests," she said.

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