Marcos Falopa: Dempo capitalised on our mistakes

The East Bengal gaffer conceded that it was not the best of performances from his team...

Continental high-fliers East Bengal were handed a humiliating 1-3 defeat by Dempo in an I-League fixture in Kalyani on Thursday.

Marcos Falopa was disappointed with the result but pointed that his side have had to several adjustments due to having played in different conditions over the last month.

“It was a good match. Dempo played very well and in good tempo. They have good midfielders. They were much better organised. But after the first goal our team was disturbed too much.  The players lost the rhythm. This is my first loss in India with East Bengal. I mean we love to play but I have always said that we have had to travel here and there and there has been a lot of change of timing. We play at night in Kuwait and we play in morning here,” he said.  

“In one month, we have played many games and in many situations, which is difficult. We are here to make things normal. We have to prepare for our next match better,” he added.  

The coach also hailed Dempo's performance and remarked that they were better in most of the departments.

"It was a great victory for Dempo. They have improved a lot in the middle and also in the attack. Congratulations to Dempo. They played and used our mistakes. We made a number of mistakes. You know, we have a very hard match after a few days against Kuwait. There is much stress on the players. What happened is normal," Falopa told the press.

He also remarked that only choosing the best eleven doesn't always guarantee a victory.

"In the last match, we rested some of our first team players, we won. Today we played our first XI, but we lost. This is football, you know. Many times you play with your best team, you lose. But maybe you play your second team, you win. This happens in football," he said.

When asked whether there will be changes against Kuwait SC next week after the disappointing performance, Falopa answered in the affirmative.

"Sure, sure! We are very aware, very conscious. We are promising that we will try to do our best.  Some players will play that day, some won't. I will see after the training on the day after tomorrow. One day, East Bengal had to lose. I am proud to work with them. They are proud to work with me also. But we will have to correct our mistakes," Falopa said.

"I will tell your supporters to be patient. We can't beat every team in the world, but we will try hard," he concluded.

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