We are having problems with our strikers - Mohammedan Sporting's Bola Masood

The Kolkata-based outfit have had a rough start to their I-League campaign with back-to-back defeats...

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Mohammedan Sporting coach Bola A. Masood expressed disappointment with his strikers after going down by three goals to Salgaocar FC on Sunday. The promoted team had earlier lost 3-1 to Pune FC in their opener.

"We are having problems with our strikers. The attackers [were] very bad. They were not moving how they were supposed to move. They were not doing what they were told to do. So I'm very disappointed in the strikers' role," he rued.

"The midfield created chances but you cannot finish it. If you create chances but cannot finish it, how can you win? We came here (Goa) to win the game, but unfortunately the strikers were disappointing. They (strikers) played below their standard."

Having conceded three goals each in both their matches so far, the Nigerian also pointed that his side is missing the presence of Luciano Sobrosa.

"And of course, in the defense line we are missing our key player Luciano [Sobrosa]. It's very important that we get him back as soon as possible,” he said.

"In the defensive role we need a person who can command. There were a lot of blunders which led to easy goals that they (Salgaocar) made against us. Stupid mistakes at the back… If your defensive role...if your home is not in order, then how can you win the game."

The Mohammedan Sporting coach however defended the discipline of his side after five of his players were booked in their last fixture.

"Towards the end the yellow cards keep coming. The guys were frustrated," he explained.

Masood went on to extract the positive of his midfield functioning well and claimed that Mohammedan Sporting were psychologically hit in their last defeat.

"The positive thing that you can take from this game is that the midfield played very well. In the beginning we tried to play. We created a lot of opportunities, but when we had the chance, we didn't put it inside. We played very good in the beginning.

"We opened the game, we didn't play long balls. These guys (Salgaocar)...they were using two tall strikers (Darryl Duffy and Claude Gnakpa), giving them long balls. We tried to attack them, but when we create the space and go forward, we couldn't finish it.

"It causes a psychological impact on the whole team. It was a balanced game in terms of the playing structure...we played better football, but finishing is always a problem," he concluded.

Mohammedan Sporting travel to Bangalore to face table-toppers Bengaluru FC on Thursday, October 10.

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