Hostile stand-off between player and coach seems to be hampering East Bengal

Issues between Falopa and squad members highlighted as team differences and not preparation for the upcoming AFC Cup seem to be on everyone’s lips...

The internal squabbling between the coach of East Bengal, Marcos Falopa, and his players seem to be exacerbating day by day. In the latest twist to the matter, the coach issued a stinging dictum to a squad member enunciating, “In my team there are some players who talk too much. They should let their work do the talking. If somebody is injured he has to listen to the trainer and the physio. He cannot go on his own.”

As Goal had reported earlier, Falopa and squad members have been at odds on issues regarding training methods and player conduct. The players even went as further to hold an informal meeting to deliberate on the matter.

Some speculation has arisen as to whom was targeted with his latest pot shots, with all fingers pointing to Japanese international Ryuji Sueoka.

This was clarified in a startling revelation by an insider to The Telegraph, who said, “He (Sueoka) is creating tantrums. If somebody doesn’t give the ball, he creates a scene. Leaves the field in a huff. He seems to see conspiracy in everything.

“No doubt that he is a great player and we need a midfielder of his calibre but if he continues to act like this then he is in for trouble. He is in a new club, a new set up. He cannot expect to get everything on a platter. It takes time to settle down.”

“Sooner they settle their differences, the better it is for the team,” enunciated other sources.

Sueoka, who played for Mohun Bagan under Karim Bencehrifa in 2009 when he was introduced to Indian football, has since played for Salgaocar and Dempo in Goa before returning back to Kolkata with East Bengal.

“I am 70 per cent fit right now. I am not sure whether I would be fit for the Sunday’s match (East Bengal’s CFL opener versus Kalighat MS), but I would be ready for the AFC Cup match on September 17,” stated a cool Sueoka, who finished his latest practice session after recovering from a calf-strain.

Nigerian striker Chidi Edeh, backed Falopa and his training sessions by saying, “We are adapting to Falopa’s style of coaching. He is a great coach. I am learning a lot from him. Under Morgan, we won trophies and I expect to have a great season with Falopa. We are having a great pre-season and ready to fire.”

“I want to score more goals and win more trophies. We have the AFC Cup match coming up on September 17 and that match will be crucial for us. A victory at home will give us a headstart,” concluded a positive Chidi, who aims to bring glory to his club. 


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