East Bengal issue statement backing Falopa, censure players

The management feel that the Brazilian, being an experienced campaigner, will lead the team to glory and expect the players to adapt to his methods...

After it was reported that the East Bengal players were widely unhappy with Marcos Falopa’s training methods, the management of the club has taken steps to counter and quash all such claims at the earliest.

They have publicly backed the Brazilian coach, with top officials acknowledging his authority while also specifying that it should be the players who should be able to adapt to different situations.

What sparked such a speculation was the holding of an impromptu meeting between some players who, according to the source familiar with the matter, were unhappy with the coach’s training methods.

A club official, explaining his club’s stance to The Telegraph, said, “The coach always has the last word in our club… This time, too, it won’t be any different. Falopa has all the rights to formulate his strategies. It is for the players to execute them. They have to adapt to his methods.”

Clubs officials, without divulging too much, elucidated, “If we don’t get the desired results, the coach will also be held responsible. But Falopa being an experienced campaigner, we believe he will steer the team towards the right direction.”

It was replied in response to a query questioning the sombre mentality of the team, especially amongst foreigners and fledglings, and how it would affect the performances of the team, particularly in the negative aspect.

The Red and Gold's had also implemented a media ban amongst the players, with certain members of the press not even allowed to enter the club ground. Falopa too batted away approaches by media personnel. They’ve also issued a dictum specifying the coach will be available for interactions on the allocated days of Tuesdays and Fridays.

The East Bengal team doctor and club secretary, Shanti Ranjan Dasgupta, was also amongst the staff at the team tent, a clear indication that the club had taken measures to grasp the situation.

“Things are absolutely fine with the players and the coach. There’s not even a month to go before we play our AFC Cup quarter final,” enlightened Dasgupta on the matter.

“So far we haven’t played any competitive match before this crucial encounter. So it’s imperative that the fitness levels of the players are really high. That is what the coach wants… And rightly so. We have full faith in the coach. Just like a newcomer can’t become a friend overnight, we should give him time to settle down,” added Dasgupta to The Times Of India.    

“Besides, contrary to what has been reported, the players are very much focused on the upcoming AFC Cup quarterfinal. It’s a rare opportunity for all of us and the players are aware of the importance of the match.”


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