Players vow to help United SC to the hilt - report

Financial strife may have impacted United SC however the players are putting up a united stand to help find a sponsor..

Clubs such as United SC, under the proprietorship of the Prayag Group, along with clubs across India have been hit by sore financial tidings in the recent past. In these times of hardship, it is pleasing to see loyalty and pride shine out.

First team players of United SC, namely Lalkamal Bhowmick, Sangram Mukherjee and Deepak Mondal have blended together to help the club in the best way possible. This will include promoting the club, along with officials, to corporate houses in the hope to seek sponsorship. 

“Why shouldn’t we? We play for this club and when the club is in trouble, it is our duty to help them. United officials have excellent relations with the players,” was the heartfelt reply from Lalkamal to The Times of India on being asked what he hoped to gain personally by trying to rope in sponsors.

Whilst stressing he understood his club’s present woes, Lalkamal added, “Yes, I am trying, but have not been able to finalise any deal. I would be happy only when we get a sponsor. I want United SC to stay in the I-League at all cost. For me, money is not everything in life.”

Mondal is another player who is vigourously active on the sponsorship hunt. He hopes that his efforts will help the club gain some semblance of sponsor traction in their favour.

“I have been playing at this club for two years and we have been able to reach a certain level. We are hoping to take the club forward. We enjoy a great relation with club director (Siddhartha Bhattacharya) and general secretary (Alokesh Kundu), who took me on board in 2010-11 when I did not have a club. And I really want to play under Eelco Schattorie who is a brilliant coach,” Mondal briefed on the issue.

Mukherjee also threw his hat into the ring by pointing out that a large number of players from Bengal had the opportunity to play in the I-League thanks to Unites SC’s efforts.

In what is seen as another eye-opener in the whole affair, players from numerous other clubs and people from within the football fraternity have pitted themselves together to furnish out a solution to the United SC riddle.

“A club from the city is in a spot of bother. So if we can help in any way, why not?” enlightened Dipendu Biswas a former India international.

Siddhartha Bhattacharya, United SC Director, was gracious in acknowledging the immense support pouring in but he knows all-to-well the tensions that can engulf a person in this kind of situation.

“I will be obliged to these players forever for their support. Apart from Lalkamal, Sangram, Deepak, I am also thankful to Ranti Martins. Many clubs wanted him but he has stayed true to his commitment of playing for United SC this season. I remain hopeful about getting a sponsor soon and tide over this tough phase,” elucidated Bhattacharya.

“We treat our players like family members. As an official, I believe, if you stay true and transparent, players will always love and respect you,” he concluded.



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