IMG-Reliance wants a meeting with the I-League clubs for player negotiations

The commercial and marketing partners of the Indian FA request the Indian FA to call for a meeting with the clubs...

GOALBY   RAHUL BALI     Follow @rahulatma on twitter

IMG-Reliance have asked the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to intervene in the stand-off against the I-League clubs and call for a meeting.

The agenda of the meeting being to “discuss and agree on the- players loan/transfer issues so that both the I League for the season 2013-2014 and the proposed new tournament can be conducted smoothly,” as per the written communication by Kushal Das, the Indian FA general secretary, to Raj Gomes and Chirag Tanna, president and general secretary of the I-League Professional Football Clubs Association (IPFCA).

It must be noted that IMG-Reliance had earlier contacted several clubs individually and did meet a few of them. However they couldn’t convince them to release their players for the IPL-style tournament for two and a half months and in return, accept the wages of the said players for four months.

“I would be happy to be part of such meeting, as it is very important for the sake of Indian Football that an appropriate compromise is reached,” Das added.

However the clubs are unlikely to meet IMG-Reliance soon.

“When we wanted to meet them last year, they never turned up after giving us a date (20th April, 2012) where they were to reveal their plans. Since then there was no communication from them as to why the meeting never happened. Now they are in need and hence contacting us. The onus is on us when to meet,” informed a club official to Goal.