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The Nigerian coach does have a lot of pressure on his shoulders but he believes that he can get through it...

Mohameddan Sporting's new coach Moshood Bola Abdul Aziz wants to live up to the billing as he takes on the reigns of the club after their recent promotion into the I-League.

Bola also believes that he will have to take up the responsibility of being a "builder" at the outfit besides going for the title, but did plead for some patience.

"Mohammedan Sporting have been in and out of the I-League. I believe what they need is a good foundation to build upon. My aim will be to lay that foundation. I am a builder. Wherever I have gone, I have built structures, brick-by-brick," the Nigerian told the Times of India.

"That does not mean I don't want to win trophies. I will certainly go all-out to win every tournament we play and I-League is surely the most important of them all," he continued.

"Mohammedan Sporting are one of the pioneers of Indian football and they deserve to be in the limelight. But, I would request the fans to be patient and look at the progress we are making. We will look to play good football and would be a force to be reckoned with."

The former Atlantis FC coach in Helsinki, Finland, has also been keeping a close watch on the status of the signings made by the Kolkata based club.

"Last season, Tolgay (Ozbey) had injury worries and could not be at his best throughout. I am confident that this will be a big year for him. Then, Penn (Orji) has been doing well as the fulcrum of the team and I hope he continues like that this season or do even better," he observed.

Exploring on the possibilities of being under the scanner from day one, Bola exerted that he will be expecting a lot from his side.

"It is one thing to have a good team and another thing to make that team perform well on the field. That the club has done well last season does not count for anything this time round," he said. "I will decide on the system after analysing the players. I expect them to display highest level of professionalism and discipline."

The coach will take charge of his new assignment from Monday and is eager to formulate a team stratergy after meeting the players, targetting to keep things simple at the same time.

“I will have to meet my players and analyse their strengths and weaknesses before formulating a strategy. One thing, though, is sure. We will try to keep things simple and play to our strengths,” he was quoted saying to The Telegraph.

“I think we have a good squad. These players are all quality stuff. However, football is a team game. You need all the 11 players to perform if you want to achieve success. I want to motivate them and encourage them to keep playing well,” he added.

Bola believes that to forge an understanding between Tolgay Ozbey and Penn Orji Ikechukwu would be a key to their success for the coming season.

“We have built a strong team for the coming season. With players like Tolgay, Penn, Luciano and Josimar in our ranks, there's no reason why we shouldn't do well in the Calcutta Football League (CFL)," a senior club official also commented on the terms of Bola's contract.

“We might have to take a harsh decision or two if the team doesn't live up to expectations. So if the coach impresses (at the CFL), his contract will definitely be extended. Else, we've to do otherwise."

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