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Koevermans calls for more pro-license coaches in India

Koevermans calls for more pro-license coaches in India

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The Dutchman and AIFF Technical Director Rob Baan spoke on the sidelines of the pro-licensing coaching being conducted at the Cooperage ground

India coach Wim Koevermans is of the belief that an increase in the number of pro-licensed coaches plying their trade in India can help an ‘Indian style of play’ develop in the country. The Dutchman, along with All India Football Federation (AIFF) Technical Director Rob Baan, is currently conducting a pro-license coaching workshop at the Cooperage ground in Mumbai.

The coach’s call comes after the AIFF has set ground rules for coaches to get a pro-license from 2017 onwards.

"It was necessary to being pro-license course to India. In 2017, I-League clubs can only be coached by coaches who have a pro-license. So we need to start giving Indian coaches the opportunities to become a pro-license coach. It's important to being the quality to a higher standard in India because coaches can make the difference," Koevermans said on the sidelines of the event to The Indian Express.

Some of the big names in the I-League’s coaching scene like Dempo’s Arthur Papas and Mohun Bagan’s Karim Bencherifa are attending the course in Mumbai.

"There are not many pro-license coaches in India – I think there are four or five – and that's way too less. So we need to change that. Coaches wanted a pro-license, but the problem was it was never organised. So I was happy to come in," enthused Koevermans.

"It's all about coaches. I installed a certain kind a style in the Indian players and we have seen that they can do it. India can play the combination football that other top countries play. We don't have tall strikers like other countries, we have all tiny players who're quick. So for them, possession football is the way forward. It suits the Indian players,” added the gaffer.