'I will try to take East Bengal to the top' - Marcos Falopa

East Bengal FC officially unveiled Brazilian Marcos Falopa as their new head coach for the coming season...
Marcos Falopa was officially unveiled as the new coach of East Bengal FC at the club tent on Tuesday.

The Brazilian, who has coached several clubs and national teams across the world, chose to appoint Americo Falopa as the physical trainer cum goalkeeper coach of the side.

The new gaffer was quick to make a good first impression as he alluded to the long and illustrious history of the club, as one of the primary reasons in him accepting the job.

"I am very happy to be here. East Bengal is a big club and I want to take it to a better position."

As part of his preparations for the upcoming season, he has decided to organize a residential camp in Kalyani starting from 21st of this month. However, he stressed that the footballers will be under the scanner of his son much earlier, who would take a close look at their fitness levels after the break starting from July 15.

"The team is not ready yet, but I hope to get fully prepared before the next month. Americo will conduct the fitness test first. We will start practising on Monday, the 15th. Then we will move for the residential camp."

He also stressed that he will adapt to the Indian style rather than trying to make the footballers adapt to a foreign style or tactic, while also praising his predecessor Trevor Morgan who was pretty successful during his  three year stint at the club.

"I will not make East Bengal play like Barcelona. Rather I will try to adapt to the local style of football. I know the last coach (Trevor James Morgan) had a good performance in the recent past. I will meet and discuss with the players before introducing the game."

East Bengal are set to face Indonesia's Semen Padang in the quarter finals of the AFC Cup and Falopa was optimistic of his team's chances and believed that they would make it into the final four. 

"Yes, I know that we have a very important match coming up, where we will face Semen Padang both home and away. I have heard about Edeh Chidi and some other players of my team. I hope we will do well there."

He also made it clear that he did not believe much in rigid formations and it was the mentality of the side that was his first priority.

"I don’t care about formation much. So, I will not tell players about things like 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 much in the practice. I will try to work more on the mentality of the team. I would try to make them a very strong side mentally."

Falopa had words of praise for East Bengal's eternal rivals, Mohun Bagan and did not want to utter and unsavoury words at the very first instance.

"Yes, I have heard of them. They also have a very rich history."

The 64 year old requested fans to come in numbers to back their favourite team and highlighted that he isn't too concerned when it comes to the lack of infrastructure. 

"I have been to many places in the past. I have been to Oman, to Myanmar, to CONCACAF and South Africa.  My quality is to adapt to the system."