Papas happy to work with Mauricio Afonso at Dempo SC

The Australian coach praised the work of the Goan club’s assistant coach and is glad to work alongside him...
While Arthur Papas has ringed in several changes to Dempo SC’s squad this summer, he shall continue to work with his present coaching staff especially assistant coach Mauricio Afonso who he lavishly praised.

“One of the things about a foreign coach is that you have to give something to the country that you work in. I had one foreign hand at Pailan Arrows and, here, in Mauricio we have someone who is highly respected. He has done a great job with Dempo in the past. I am open with the staff. We will keep it transparent and work in the same direction,” enunciated Papas.  

 The I-League is turning into a hotbed for foreign coaches and players who need a taste of the next frontier in football. Arthur Papas, manager of Dempo SC, has now raked in his close aide and fellow countryman Rafaelle Anthony Napoli to join his present coaching staff as a conditioning coach.

“It’s extremely important to have Rafaelle here as conditioning coach. I have the knowledge myself because of my degrees but a head coach cannot do everything. Rafaelle has such a good reputation back home, and he left Australia for a professional experience. I am delighted to have him,” chirped a visibly pleased Papas who believes that his entire squad will reap the rewards of the new coaches’ methods.

An Australian by nationality, Rafaelle has specifically chosen the Indian I-League as it represents a world full of new and exciting challenges, something he needed a brush with, after his job in the A-League in Australia.

He seemed excited at the opportunities that await him and told The Times of India: “I am here purely because of Arthur. He is a good manager and his ability to improve the players is exceptional.