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The former GFA secretary believes the Centralized Player Registration System will aggravate the financial situation of smaller clubs...

The All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) Technical Committee member Savio Messias stated that should the Centralised Players Registration System come into effect from July 15th then the approximate sum paid by Goan footballers alone will be approximately Rs. 1,08,81,900.

Messias has been the only figurehead in the Goa Football Association (GFA) leading fight against the implementation of the Player Registration fees as he justified his concerns by referring to the pitiful financial plight of clubs not just in Goa but also throughout the rest of the country.

“Some of our rural clubs from the villages have already been hit hard financially, finding it extremely difficult to sustain their teams and fee structure structured by the AIFF, which is on an extremely steeper side. It will only aggravate their economic viability and as such threatening their very existence,” explained Messias to The Herald.

It is expected that the GFA will bring this issue to light before the clubs, as the headliner, during the Annual General Body meet in Panjim on July the 28th.

Some of the figures for players registered with the GFA are as follows:

Foreign players Rs. 15,000*20 Rs. 3,00,000/-
I-League players Rs. 10,000*11 Rs. 11,20,000/-
I-League players (Division 2) Rs. 5,000*25 Rs. 1,25,000/-
Pro League and First Division Rs. 5,000*451 Rs. 22,55,000/-
Second and Third Divisions Rs. 2,000*2991 Rs. 59,82,000/-
Age group teams Rs. 100*2199 Rs. 2,19,900/-
Inter-village Rs. 500*4000 Rs. 20,00,000/-
Savio Messias has also said the following with regard to player registration in Goa.

10,000 – Inter village players registered

2,500 – Retired

3,500 – Already registered

4,000 players under inter-village category which comes under district players classification.

“The total payment to be made to the AIFF would be a staggering Rs. 1 crore which is probably twice the budget of the GFA,” Messias claimed.

“Nevertheless, the proposed registration system has an advantage for the age-group players as it would reduce the rampant age-cheating, provided the system is fool proof. To develop a fool proof  system, the GFA should be taken into confidence as it is the only state in the country which has a software for registering players which has been tested and survived various tests and checks,” he stated.

The rumours circulating seem to suggest that if the AIFF’s proposed move indeed sees the light of day then they could collect an astronomical amount in the range of 70-80 crores, all of which it desperately needs to conduct its various functions, which would also include issuing Unique ID cards to players from all state Associations. The GFA stands to benefit a sum of Rs. 50 Lakh which is afforded to it on the basis of carrying out development activities.

The Indian Football Association (IFA), the football governing body for the state of West Bengal, has already raised a concern with regards to the said issue.