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Lack of funds and mounting sponsorship problems have thrown the spanner into the works for the club and now their future is itself is in the air..

Kolkata based football club United SC, better known as Prayag United, thought their sponsorship troubles couldn’t possibly get any worse when it did…

The team’s sponsorship woes had aggravated when chief sponsors Prayag were hit by the financial crisis. Now with an evident lack of funds and no sponsors to turn to, the future of United SC itself is up in the air.

Club officials however are hopeful that the present miasma over them will alleviate soon. This optimism, however, comes at a particularly gloomy time when it came to light that no sponsors had been roped in some 2 months after the situation first broke.    

The shrouded future, however, seems to be only the tip of the iceberg as a quart of club officials believe that dissolution of club is the only viable option remaining if no sponsors arrive to drag them out of their present predicament.  “There won’t be any other option except taking the hard decision if things continue this way,” a club official told The Telegraph.

 “Over the last few days, we have been getting only false assurances from some event management companies. At this moment, we are really in a very difficult position to assess our future. I believe we’ll get to know the actual picture in about two weeks,” believes team director Siddhartha Bhattacharya, who hopes that the situation will become clear in the coming fortnight.

Times are so desperate that club officials are banking their hopes on political leaders to rush to their rescue and save the team.

“Some of the leaders, who are part of the state government, have promised to come to our aid after the Panchayat polls. All I can say is that we hope to get their support,” enunciated Bhattacharya.

The players, who are generally the ones most affected, have already begun preparing for the worst.

“I had spoken to Mohun Bagan officials about the coming season. But as of now, they haven’t yet informed me of what they intend to do” informed Lalkamal Bhowmick, a vital cog in United SC’s engine last year who’s rousing performances had played a vital role in their impressive show.

“I’m also having discussions with Pune FC and Dempo SC. If need be, I might shift base. As far as United SC are concerned, their future is still uncertain,” elucidated Lalkamal.

On the subject of Nigerian striker Ranti Martins who had expressed his desire to stay on a play at the club, Bhattacharya had this to say, “Some two-to-three days ago, Ranti told us he would like to stay. But as long as things are not resolved, we really can’t confirm anything on Ranti”.