Arthur Papas: I want to take Dempo to a new level

The Australian is in Goa and shall kick-start his preparations for the new season this Monday…

Arthur Papas, after having impressed at Pailan Arrows landed arguably one of the most coveted jobs in Indian club football when he was appointed as the head coach of Dempo SC.

With club chairman Shrinivas Dempo looking to change things in order to bring in a fresh set of ideas, Armando Colaco ended his sojourn with the club having made Dempo SC one of the most successful sides in the country over the last decade or so.

The air of invincibility that surrounded Dempo SC once has been lost so to say given their indifferent performances last term, which was blighted with injuries. Controversies too were very much in the mix while not being able to replace the likes of Ranti Martins upfront proved to be their own undoing.

“I am dying to get on to the field with Dempo players. I want to take Dempo to a new level,” Papas told The Navhind Times.

Papas brings in a modern training methodology which benefitted the Pailan Arrows youngsters immensely resulting in them punching above their weight. They even downed Dempo SC 2-0 in their own backyard.

Rafael Napoli has been roped in as well to oversee the fitness and conditioning camp which shall ensure that the players remain in top shape so as to avoid injuries.

A new era begins at Dempo SC and it will be interesting to see how Papas shapes the new set of players at the club in order to once again dominate the I-League as was the case in the past.