Savio Messias: Central registration of players will be a big blow to Goa

Messias isn't pleased one bit with the new system of registering players centrally...
The All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) technical committee member has voiced his concern and dissatisfaction at the implementation of the new player registration system.

Calling it sudden and uncalled for, the former Goa Football Association secretary, Savio Messias has lambasted and vilified the AIFF for levying registration fees from players.

“The (AIFF) Emergency Committee has not done its homework on the subject for sure. It has not realised the implications which will hit the Goan clubs badly. And, talking of the state, it would severely affect small, village clubs which form the nucleus of Goan Football.

“We all know how difficult it is to maintain a football club nowadays and as such the move to levy such heavy fees is uncalled for, much more so when our Goan I-League clubs have slashed their budgets this year,” lamented Messias.

He went on to state that the AIFF should have done a research on the present state association and the league structures in there.

“The move (central registration of players), if implemented, will be a big blow to a football developed state like Goa while at the same time it could prove to be beneficial to underdeveloped one, some of which do not have even an office or staff to maintain records.

“The AIFF ought to have undertaken a study of the set-up and league structures, if any, from all the affiliated Associations and then only devise a system whereby a state like Goa would stand to benefit solely due to its excellent administrative set-up and overall well structure programme for promotion and upliftment of football, unlike many other states.”

Messias mentioned that while the AIFF is right in looking for avenues to raise finance, it must be done in a far more sensible manner.

“Several states do not have leagues, thereby no football development at all, but since they have a vote and form a majority, it is states like Goa that stand to lose and it is not healthy, progressive development.

“Fund raising is essential, no doubt, but it needs to be done judiciously and intelligently after undertaking in the first place a study on administrative reforms and also taking all units into confidence before asking that it be implemented since it has to benefit one and all those having done exceedingly well being rewarded and not penalized,” explained and concluded Messias.

Food for thought indeed.