East Bengal players agree to accept a 40-50% pay cut for season 2013-14

The Red and Gold have unilaterally asked its players to agree to a deduction of up to 50 per cent of their salaries while opting against offloading their stars...
East Bengal's financial crisis is set to harm the paycheques of its team members as it is known that the Kolkatan outfit have drafted a letter of agreement that the players have to sign and deliver back to the club in acceptance of its terms.

The collective set of letters which will then be sent to United Breweries (UB) Group states that the players agree to play for a "decided amount" which will be finalised by the club's top official Debabrata (Nitu) Sarkar, which could be 40-50% lesser than other-wise.

Luckily, the players have not revolted against the same, while it should be understood that a few others are not happy about the current situation.

Among those who have signed the dotted line, Abhijit Mondal claims that he did so owing to his affection towards the club.

"We understand the situation that East Bengal is going through right now and we still want to play for the club. It is because of our affection towards the club," the goalkeeper told Goal.

"This is my opinion," he added. "I don't know about the others." The others include the likes of Mehtab Hussain, Harmanjyot Singh Khabra, Arnab Mondal and Gurwinder Singh.

Meanwhile, UB Representative Amit Sen has revealed of striker Robin Singh's reason for requesting for a release from the club.

"Robin Singh asked for a release. His reasons were practical. He realised that we had two foreigners, Edeh Chidi and James Moga, and also Baljit Sahni and Len Doungel, so his chance of playing would be limited. So he asked for a release," he said.

When asked if Raju Gaikwad asked for the same he replied, "No, till now there has been no such request. However, our first choice are Uga Okpara, Arnab Mondal and Gurwinder Singh. These are our first three defenders, so if he asks to leave, we will deal with it."

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