Clifford Miranda opts for Dempo stay

The experienced winger was rumoured to be on the move with I-League clubs and an offer from IMG-Reliance on the prowl, but has chosen to stay with the Golden Eagles...

Dempo Sports Club is currently in the middle of a much-needed transition after the departure of their long-serving coach Armando Colaco. Now under Arthur Papas, the club management was ready to revamp the squad and ensure younger legs took over from the ageing veterans that had formed the Dempo first team.

However it is vital that the club does retain some experienced heads in their squad to provide a perfect blend with the youngsters. Dempo’s Clifford Miranda has been an ever-present entity on the left side of the midfield and will continue to do so as he has decided against leaving the Golden Eagles in favour of offers from other I-League clubs and the much debated IMG-Reliance IPL style League.

"I did not take much time to make the final decision. Dempo is now in a transition period but the core of the team still remains the same. With a new coach and some good signings, we can look forward to even better times," said Clifford to The Times of India.

With I-League clubs opting not to release their players for IMG-Reliance’s tournament in 2014, Miranda chose the club despite the huge money on offer from the competition.

"I want to continue being part of the I-League, and when I had decided on that, Dempo was the only option for me. I love this club," said Clifford who is currently the longest serving player at the football club.