Pailan group reiterate commitment to the Arrows project

The Pailan Group conceded that they owed the AIFF money, but also alleged that the national football governing body owed them money, with regards to their academy...

The Pailan Group has rubbished recent suggestions that they might be letting go of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) developmental side, but they accepted that they were currently locked in financial disputes with the AIFF, and were hoping for an amicable and speedy agreement.

While a senior official of the national football body had been quoted as saying that the group owed around 70 Lakhs worth of Sponsor payment, Pailan shot back in a statement issued to the press, and claimed that the AIFF also owed them Rs. 44 Lakh.

"It is true that Pailan Group has to settle the due of 70-lakh odd rupees with the AIFF. But it is also true that the AIFF has a long overdue of INR 44 lakh to help run the FIFA-AIFF Pailan Football Academy. We never said we would not settle the dues but we're also expecting a payment of INR 44 lakh," the corporate group said in a release.

"Pailan Group has taken a vow to not slip from its resolute commitment to the Pailan Arrows project and is confident that a situation, calling for dismantling of the team will not arise," the release added.

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