Dempo, Salgaocar reach agreement regarding player transfers - report

The two Goan clubs have agreed on principle to not target each others' players in light of pressure tactics being used by players to get a better offer....

Two of Goa’s football powerhouses, Dempo and Salgaocar, have reached an agreement in principle where they agree not to target each other’s players. This comes as a move to curb the tendency of players to sign a contract with one club and negotiate with another. Clubs have felt the pinch of such tactics while players are the major beneficiaries.

“We have got into an informal understanding. We have decided that if we are genuinely targeting each others’ players, we will first discuss it on the phone, be candid on our offer, and if we agree, we will trade off the player. There is no point in facing off with the other,” club chairman Shrinivas Dempo told The Times of India.

India’s biggest rivals Mohun Bagan and East Bengal also have an understanding that allows a club to seek a transfer fee of Rs 10 lakh if they intend signing a player from the rival camp.

According to sources of The Times of India, Dempo had wanted Karanjit Singh and Francis Fernandes from the Greens who were interested in Peter Carvalho and Laxmikant Kattimani from the Golden Eagles.

“The idea is to try and avoid signing players (from each others’ teams). If we are interested, I will consult Salgaocar and the same goes with them. It will be a complete consultative process so that someone else does not take advantage,” added Dempo.

Salgaocar secretary Raj Gomes had confirmed that such an arrangement was in place. Gomes had spoken on behalf of club chairman Shivanand Salgaocar who was unavailable for comment.

“Despite making sincere efforts, we have not been able to sign a sponsor simply because there are no returns on investments. I concede that there will be no sponsorship for the next two years,” revealed Gomes.

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