No revenue share from the sale of broadcast rights and title sponsorships for I-League clubs

The potential bidders had raised questions of the takings from the top division league and how it is to be shared all across…

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) have informed the parties interested in bidding for the I-League franchisees that there can be no revenue sharing between them and the clubs from the sale of broadcasting and marketing rights.

Earlier in the Request for Proposal (RFP), it was mentioned that the model for revenue sharing will be communicated to the bidders by May 8 as it was in the process of being “determined”.

The AIFF have sold the marketing and commercial rights to IMG-Reliance back in 2010 for a period of 15 years for around 155 million dollars. The Indian FA use the sum to conduct their activities and tournaments. Under the current provision, the AIFF provides financial assistance to the clubs in the form of travel and accommodation during the I-League season.

Kushal Das, the AIFF general secretary, explained that no breakthrough could be achieved as far as coming up with a model of revenue share with the clubs.

AIFF in discussions with their commercial partners

“No, right now the things are same as before. We continue to support the travel cost of the team, accommodation match organization,” he told Goal.

On being asked whether the AIFF intends to continue taking care of the accommodation and travel expenses of the I-League teams next season, Das said, “Difficult to stay whether it will remain the same in the next season because we are obviously in discussions with our commercial partners, IMG-Reliance. Let us wait and see how it pans out. It’s a little difficult to predict in this point in time. Really speaking there is no revenue from the I-League right now.”

“We are looking at ways so we can discuss it and make it a little better in terms of future when there is revenue,” he added.

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