Model for revenue share from the sale of broadcast rights of the I-League to be communicated by May 8

The Indian FA are to inform the potential bidders on the revenue share model from the sale of broadcast rights next week…

Clubs across the globe get a share from the sale of the media rights which forms their primary source of revenue however in India that hasn’t yet been a possibility for numerous reasons. For starters, the revenue is non-existent given that the I-League isn’t a marketable product.

What distincts India from the rest of the pack is that there is no avenue for revenue sharing as of today, given that the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has sold commercial and marketing rights to IMG-Reliance in return for a fee with which they conduct their activities.

However the AIFF does provide subsidy, with respect to travel, lodging and match organization, for each match played in the I-League.

The AIFF, in its request for proposal for potential bidders, have stated that they are in discussions with their partners on finding the right model for revenue sharing and shall communicate the same by May 8, which is the last date for issuance of request for proposal.

“Currently the broadcasting and marketing rights of I-League are with IMG-Reliance based on a master service agreement between AIFF and IMG-Reliance. There is no direct revenue sharing between I-League clubs and AIFF from broadcasting and marketing rights, however AIFF in turn provides assistance in form of travel and accommodation support for teams during I-League season.

“Model for Revenue share from the sale of broadcasting rights is in the process of being determined and will be communicated before the last date of the issuance of the RFP,” the bid document states.

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