'The coach will also be gone' - Armando Colaco hints at possible Dempo departure

After the departure of manager Custodio Almeida, Dempo coach Armando Colaco indicated a possibility of him following suit.....
Armando Colaco has been associated with Dempo SC's ascent into greatness. The Goan has brought a sense of style into the club's football and also delivered the results in the form of five I-League titles.

Colaco struck a defeated figure after his side lost 0-1 to Sporting Clube de Goa at the Duler Stadium.

"It's bad now and nothing else. We had to win this game and there were chances. It’s bad specially with the injuries. Rowilson (Rodrigues) got another cut and is ruled out, Debrabrata (Roy) is also injured. I don’t know what I will do in Pune and then in Kolkata," said the former India coach at the post match briefing.

"Ryuji Sueoka is also out. He has a hamstring problem so he might not recover and maybe out for the whole season. We will carry on with the players I have and try to fight for second or third place," he added.

Colaco felt that the game picked up steam in the second half and attributed the slow nature of the match in the first half to the humid conditions due to the 3 pm kickoff.

The Goans are in the middle of a rut as they have only picked up 2 points out of a possible 12 in the I-League.

"Our usual Dempo style is not being played. If we play our normal game, things will change. If we don’t it is going to be very very difficult. Some of the newcomers are impatient," clarified Armando.

"Dempo has a different style of play. We like to keep the possession of the ball, find an opening and then score. Now everybody wants the ball on top. It’s a different type of football which we usually don’t play, or at least I don’t agree with," added the coach.

Armando is a staunch believer of possession football even when other I-League teams resorted to long ball tactics and had implemented this approach during his short stint with the Indian national side.

"I like to build up patiently and that’s how we won five I-League titles. Different coaches have different techniques and my approach is this," said Colaco.

With Dempo releasing manager Custodio Almeida of his duties before the end of the season, Colaco was probed on the reasons for the same.

"It was long overdue. The manager and the coach also will be gone. There are so many players also will be gone. It’s a transition period. Senior players will make way for youngsters. Our style of play, Dempo's style is totally different. A different coach will try a different style of football. He (Almeida) is a diabetic patient," signed off the 59-year old.

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