'I will not be with Pailan Arrows next season' - Pailan Arrows coach Arthur Papas

The young Australian coach praised his boys despite a 2-3 loss against Mohun Bagan and told the media about his decision to leave...
Arthur Papas, the coach of Pailan Arrows, today announced that he will not be at the helm of the developmental side of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) after the end of this season.

“I won’t be with Pailan next year. I have some offers here. I have some back home. It just depends on what I think is best for my career and the project. Because you have to have support from everyone, you need support from the sponsors, from the Federation to do the job properly. It’s not what you see on the ground, it is about what happens during the week”, the Australian stated.

Though he personally denied any issues with the federation in a short chat with Goal.com, it is being widely speculated that everything is not fine between the young coach and the highest governing body of the game in India.

Speaking about the match, the Pailan Arrows coach refused to say anything about the AIFF’s decision to set the timing of the kick-off at 2pm. “The game was still a good one, considering the weather. It’s very hot and it’s very difficult to play under such conditions. But both the teams passed the ball well. We bounced back after 21 minutes. We were 0-3 down by then. We conceded three silly goals, three real silly goals to be honest. Apart from those I don’t know how many more chances they got in the whole game. We got a goal before halftime which was very important. In the second half, we were even better. We had the ball in their half most of the time”, he opined.

Talking about the conditions, Papas remarked, “The ball never gets tired. Players should learn how to use the ball better. In the second half, we did that. Also this week we were training at 2 o’clock. One needs to have the best preparation.”

There were a number of drinks breaks in the second half of the game. But the Australian questioned the need for the same and commented, “It was stupid (the breaks). It is certainly hotter between 2 to 2:45 than 3 to 3:45. Then why was a break not given in the first half? If you want to have them, you should have it in both the halves.”