AIFF issues show cause notice to East Bengal official - report

East Bengal secretary Kalyan Majumdar was under the federation radar after his remarks regarding the revoking of Mohun Bagan's ban.....
It is a classic case of one event spawning a chain of events in the case of the Mohun Bagan ban saga. The decision to revoke the ban on the Mariners has been received well and criticised alike. Cross town rivals East Bengal were a glaring example of how stances change over time.

The Red and Gold sided with their fierce rivals when talk of a lengthy ban was running around after the infamous Kolkata Derby on December 9, 2012 by stating that the league will not be the same without Mohun Bagan.

However after the ban had been revoked, East Bengal official Kalyan Majumdar had hit out at the federation for being influenced by clandestine deals to arrive at the decision. This has made the AIFF sit up and issue s show cause notice to the Red and Gold official asking him to explain why action should not be taken against him under the AIFF Code of Ethics. Majumdar has been given seven days to reply to the notice.

"I want to know what had happened. I doubt and feel that there must be some under-table dealings. It's very sad yet true that Indian football is going to the nadir under the current dispensation of the AIFF," Majumdar had been quoted saying after the AIFF Executive Committee meeting on January 15, 2013.

What is really strange is the fact that Majumdar was the one who had echoed East Bengal midfielder Mehtab Hussain's sentiments in December about keeping Bagan in the I-League.

"A lot of damage has already been done to Bengal football, we don't want any further harm via a ban slapped on Mohun Bagan," Majumdar had said on that occasion.

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