Trevor Morgan: AIFF revoking Mohun Bagan’s ban will go down as a precedent

The East Bengal coach questioned whether revoking the ban of their arch rivals would set a poor example...

The reactions kept pouring in following the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) decision to rescind the ban on Mohun Bagan for flouting the I-League regulations by not turning up for the second half action against East Bengal last month.

Trevor Morgan, the East Bengal coach, questioned the verdict and stated that it would set an example for the future given that a lenient decision was taken.

“A set of rules were in place at the start of the season and a team broke those. They were punished for that but later reprieved. This will go down as a precedent. Only time will tell whether that precedent is a good or bad one,” he was quoted saying in The Times of India.

The AIFF docked all points Bagan had amassed from the first nine games and got them to start afresh by playing the final 16 matches. Morgan asked as to what would have been the judgment of the Indian FA had the ill-fated derby of December 9 had been the first game of the season.

“What if this (abandonment) had taken place in the first round of the League?” he questioned.

However he added that he was pleased given that his side have been awarded three points from the derby.

“It is nice to get the three points from the game and I’m also happy for the Bagan players and supporters,” he added.

Meanwhile East Bengal launched another sarcastic attack on the AIFF as they asked for Mohammedan Sporting, the club with one of the largest fan bases in the country, to be made a part of next edition’s I-League given that the Indian FA took notice of the rich tradition of Mohun Bagan when taking their decision.

“The AIFF said they have taken into consideration Mohun Bagan’s rich tradition and support base while taking the decision of revoking the ban. Mohammedan Sporting are also a club with similar tradition and millions of fans but they have been playing in the second division for a long time. Why shouldn’t the federation do something to help them return to the top tier of the I-League?” said Debabrata Sarkar, the East Bengal official.

“We expect Mohun Bagan to support this move (campaign) as well,” he mentioned.

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