Nothing is working at the moment - Sporting Clube de Goa's Oscar Bruzon Barreras

The head coach of the Goan side spoke about his side's last two encounters while expecting the Flaming Oranje to step up in all departments...
Spanish coach Oscar Bruzon Barreras has been skeptical of Sporting Clube de Goa's performance in the last couple of games in the I-League.

Their last two home games have seen them draw 0-0 against Shillong Lajong and lose 1-2 to Prayag United SC.

Speaking about the goalless affair, Barreras maintained that performance matters more than picking up a point. "Result is not the worst. The worst was the way we played the game until around mid-way," he said.

"I'm not happy with how we played [against Lajong]. We can still maintain the difference between the relegation zone, but I'm not happy with the critical chances of the match. We need to have more ball possession," he added.

The 34-year-old admitted that Sporting gave in to the opposition's game-plan instead of devising their own, as he went on to explain, "Shillong [Lajong] were playing long balls to try our defense and we were trying to do the same. We need to combine more, to have longer possession, to move around fast and make the opponent run after the ball."

Sporting is missing Dawson Fernandes

The match against the North-eastern outfit also saw Sporting striker Dawson Fernandes, who was replaced by Victorino Fernandes in the seventh minute, limp out with a serious ankle injury.

"We prefer to start Dawson who is more physical," Barreras revealed. "Victorino, as a striker, is an effective player when the match is broken, when there is more space. We missed Dawson in the first half to press on the defensive line."

Sporting's match against Prayag United was yet another disappointment for a team situated in the bottom half of the table and Barreras reiterated the need for his players to convert their chances.

"If we need 15-to-20 chances to score one goal while the other team needs half as many chances, that's a problem for us. But we will continue working on that and I hope that Sporting will convert more chances.

"I am very happy with the players, I am very happy with the plan, I am very happy with the first half, but our mistakes are making us give a lot of goals," Barreras moved on to talk about Sporting's defensive lapses which allowed the Kolkata side to walk home with three points.

Sporting Clube de Goa needs to step up in all departments

"We are not safe with our defenders and keepers. I'm trying to reap confidence by creating more fun-oriented trainings, but nothing is working at the moment.

"Giving two [goals] in the second half, everything is waste (after taking the lead in the first half). With the long ball, I don't know what happened between Keita [Boubacar] and Joyner [Lourenco], and the goalkeeper (Ashok Singh) misunderstood. These type of stupid things are happening match after match," he lamented.

Oscar Bruzon's Sporting Clube de Goa are next set to face Pune FC in an away encounter to be played on Sunday, 20 January.

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