Eelco Schattorie: Having good players always does not suffice

After an impressive win against Dempo, Eelco Schattorie stressed that his team got the benefits of sticking to the plan...

Eelco Schattorie looked a happy man after his side’s impressive victory over Dempo in the round 13 game of the I-League where they were rewarded for their dominance in the second half with a late goal from Carlos Hernandez from a set-piece.

“Yes, the boys played good football and 3 points are always welcome. This is the first time I have got almost my full team fit. Basically, before we had games every 3-to-4 days and I couldn’t properly impose my type of coaching on the boys. However, the co-ordination is getting better every day and I hope that we will become a formidable side soon,” said Schattorie.

Bello Rasaq was back from injury and it was only the second time his side could manage a clean sheet. The Indian international Subrata Paul was dropped in favour of Sangram Mukherjee and his replacement didn’t disappoint with his performance.

“You know, goalkeeping is not only about saves. 90% of the work is to distribute long balls well and receive the back-passes. Saving shots are only 10% of the job. Subrata was not at his best in the recent days. I also had a chat with him. The best part about him is that he can become a critic of himself. I thought Sangram was in a better shape and included him in the first team. Earlier I had given opportunities to Ishant Debnath, my other goalkeeper also,” the Dutchman explained.

He also stressed the fact that on the positives of playing with the same starting eleven as consistency is the key.

“10 of these players had started against East Bengal. I have always tried to say that a set team improves upon playing. We want to improve our form in the coming matches.”

Schattorie added that the balance in his side isn’t the best though he does have a decent bunch of players in his squad.

“See, having good players only does not suffice. You must also strike the right balance. I am not happy with the balance of my team and would like to work more on it. For example, I recently came to know that Prayag had two defensive midfielders, who are not part of the squad now because of some wrong reasons. I have already found two very good central midfielders in the form of Lalkamal Bhowmick and K. Asif. They were very instrumental today in dominating the midfield. However, I would like that someone of them will take more attacking role in the next matches. That will add variety to our team upfront,” he said.

Prayag now have 17 points from their 13 matches. They will face a mighty Pune FC in the next match.

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