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The Dutchman feels that having too many stars can also be a problem, while lamenting the lack of balance in his side...

Eelco Schattorie’s side failed to build on their win against East Bengal, as Pune FC brought them crashing back to earth, beating the Kolkata outfit 3-1.

The Dutch coach congratulated the hosts for the win, but felt injuries and suspension had hit his side hard, and hence there was no consistency in results.

“Firstly I congratulate Pune FC for 3 points, looking at the stadium and its surroundings, I was very happy and the place breathes football. The atmosphere here is very good. Coming to the game, the first 10-to-15 minutes, we did not start aggressively enough. Inconsistency in being able to select a team is hurting us, as I lost my two foreigners for today’s game. Foreigners are important in the game, as illustrated by Pune FC’s first goal, which was based on Moga’s physical presence.”

“The morale of the team was down due to it. Again for second goal, as we see often, how many goals are given away by corners? That was 2-0 and it is very difficult to come back from that. At half-time I told my team to play as if it is 0-0 and changed tactics, putting in a more attacking plan. We equalised soon but then we started playing long-balls, which was frustrating as we lacked physical power upfront,” continued the Prayag United coach.

The 40-year old went on to criticize the lack of organization in his squad and also stressed that he felt he had an unbalanced team at his disposal. He said, “I prefer playing on the ground. If you have a striker like Pune then it is easier to play long-ball’s. I regret it and blame my players that we didn’t keep the organization. We scored a goal but unfortunately we lost our organization and go home with zero points.”

“I am frustrated with people saying Prayag has best players and stuff, but we don’t have the balance as we should have. I came here without knowing much about the team, I took a big risk coming here without knowing the quality of players. We have good players but balance (is) not perfect. I am not complaining or giving an excuse, but if you have too many stars it can work against you,” Schattorie added.

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