James Moga: I know what I am and my aim is to win

The South Sudanese striker was one happy man having netted a brace in Saturday's game against The Snow Lions...

Pune FC's 2-2 draw with United Sikkim didn't bode well for the Red Lizards but it do wonders for the confidence of their striker James Moga. Although he hadn’t found the net for the last six and a half months, not being conscious about that particular stat is something that has helped him.

"Honestly, I don’t think about scoring. I am a different person. For me I know what I am and my aim is to win. I know the role of a striker and the huge expectations. For me it does not matter who scores. Thank God for showing the way," the 29-year old told Pune FC's official website.

The South Sudanese striker expressed his gratitude to the Supreme each time he manages to get on the scoresheet. Notwithstanding the personal problems he has faced at the start of the season, he has come back to scoring ways and unsurprisingly, felt nice about it.

When asked whether he had ever scored in the very first minute of the match, as he did against USFC on Saturday, he cheerfully replied, “Never ever have I scored so quick in my career and I must say it is a big feat. However, in saying so I would like to mention that goals like that are well worked out plans and hard work during training sessions involving all. The resultant as I will always say is God’s gift.”

Not only this, but upon being asked what the future holds for Pune FC, Moga felt that the players should maintain the winning mentality, and is proud to be a player that his teammates can depend on.

Another reason why he feels that the goals are special was that his cousin and friend were there to witness it and that he celebrated the goals for them by the euphoric run he made after scoring.

Moga also feels that these goals could prove to be turning point in the season and as he puts it, ”It has help discover back the Moga in me.”

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