We made a lot of chances but couldn’t score - United Sikkim's Anwar Ali

After Sporting Clube de Goa beat USFC 2-1, the Snow Lions' captain & team official took time out to speak to the media about their performance against the Flaming Oranje...
After United Sikkim Football Club were beaten 2-1 to Sporting Club De Goa, Anwar Ali, the Snow Lions' captain and team official, Arunava Bhattacharya took time out to speak to the media.

"It was a good show," Arunava Bhattacharya replied when asked about the team's improvement as they came into the game against Flaming Oranje after being handed a 10-1 defeat by Prayag United.

"The boys played as well as they could, they are trying their best. In the second half we played very well. In the first half we missed a few chances, from which if we would have scored, it could have been a different game."

Anwar Ali on the other hand analysed the game as it had happened and carefully appreciated his team's efforts.

"Sporting had just two chances at the start of the game, and unfortunately we conceded from both of those, but after that we improved. We made a lot of chances going forward but couldn’t score. In the second half, both the sides played attacking football, as you are liable to concede goals in this league if you play too defensively. I think we still had more chances to score than them."

But when pointed out that their possession was less than their opponents' he defensively stated,"That’s because they were leading 2-1, so they wanted to play the game out by keeping possession."

The first goal that the Snow Lions conceded could have been avoided but Bhattacharya defended his players and said, "If and buts are there, but after a 10-1 defeat, it was a good show from my boys and we will see in the coming games how they fare."

When asked whether Bhaichung Bhutia is in line to be the permanent manager of the club, Arunava quipped,"No, Bhutia is just a stop gap coach. We are looking for the perfect man for this team and as soon as we get him, he (Bhutia) will be registered only as a player."

Revealing details about who takes the decisions regarding the match day squad's and substitutions' Arunava stated,"It's the team that has authority, not only Bhaichung Bhutia."

"Bhaichung decided to come on as a substitute, this was only for this match because today Bhaichung is player-manager, but he has been registered as an I-League player. He’s a senior member of this team. I don’t think there is a  bigger player than him. Substitutions are ultimately team decisions", he added.